The Company
Our History

Gerfrio was born in 1996 in Striano, in the heart of “Campania Felix”. Since its beginnings, the company specializes in the research and selection of the best fish species including crustaceans, cephalopods and fillets, and in particular, in the main strategic objectives, sets at first customer care and quality of its product / service, a choice that requires a continuous control of every stage in the value chain through highly specialized human resources.

Giulio Gerli, personally, has traveled the world far and wide, selecting from the most pristine seas the best fish for his clients. This allowed to entertain, up to date, consolidated commercial relationships with 37 countries.

In 2003 the Gerli family, created the first factory dedicated to the production of frozen food, marketed and known to the general public under the Gelo brand.

In 2013, having a consolidated know-how in the processing of seafood, Gerfrio has developed a production of recipied meals using fish and autochthonous raw materials, with the aim of enhancing the territory’s products of excellence.

The Company today

Today Gerfrio has chosen a unique path in the italian food industry, using traditional methods in industrial processes, in the production of frozen seafood.

The infrastructure is located in a strategic position, Sarno, an important junction between Naples and Salerno, and covers an area of about 30,000 square meters, of which about 6,800 roofed, including a processing facility with a production capacity of 20,000 kg / day of finished product as well as a cold-storing plant (at -22 °) with storage capacity of over 5,000 pallet.

The plants are built according to the standards of eco-energy and environmental sustainability.

Una sicura base per lo slancio verso il successo

The plants are built according to the standards
of eco-energy and environmental sustainability.

Our Mission
The Purpose

Gerfrio from 2015 becomes faster, more reliable, more productive, knowing that success is a matter of method.

Gerfrio represents the many interrelationships between the “blue gold” (fish), the man and the territory as well as excellence in research.

With these concrete values strengthens its corporate life and creates an interactive tour among many themes tackling: environment, agriculture, industry, health, wellness, nutrition, leisure and work.

“Our mission is to bring the real Italian cuisine on the tables all over the world” Cit. Gerli G. (President and Founder)

The process
Research and Development

The history of all Gerfrio’s products starts from a careful study by the center of research and development whose purpose is to search for new raw materials, offering traditional recipes until they become large-scale products.

The center includes a kitchen-Experimental Laboratory, a rehearsal room and an area reserved for tasting.

The primary objective is to offer a range of innovative products that meet the expectations of the modern consumer and others.


A careful selection of the best seafood, coming from the pristine seas of the world, and the high quality products of our land, is guaranteed by the highly specialized know-how of purchasing managers.

Cooking and Processing

The experience of the cooks in terms of  food allows us to combine the goodness of Mediterranean cuisine with the freshness of the fish in a ready meal, using Italian products of excellence and regional recipes.

The production facility is designed so as to maximize the productivity of each individual resource. The kitchen assembles products with attention to sanitation processes of raw materials; cooking and steam eliminate any possible residual bacteria.

“Gerfrio encloses a portion a taste of the Mediterranean, the sea, its land, its perfume.” 

Cooking School

From the experience of Chef Business Partners, in collaboration with various industry associations, it is setting up a cooking school, which would develop the talents of our own, with the help of the many fruits produced by this fertile strip of earth.

Freezing, safety comes from cold

It ‘s the best method to maintain the organoleptic properties, taste, color and texture, without causing cracks in the fibers of the food. The product is knocked down to a temperature of -40 ° C and constantly controlled in the course of the whole chain at a temperature of -18 ° C to guarantee the absolute healthiness consumers.


The process quality and authenticity of the products is also guaranteed by the well-known certifications BRC and IFS.

Processing Under Contract
The ideal partner for large retail

Processing under contract is a cornerstone of the company Gerfrio. Thanks to effective strategy in processing of natural seafood and elaborated products, as well as established relationships for the supply of raw materials, the company is able to provide optimal solutions for the realization of private label products, aiming to satisfy the needs of distributors and other companies wishing to use this service.

In particular, due to the strong growth of private label in recent years, both in Europe and in the rest of the world, Gerfrio became a co-packer ideal ensuring:

– A quality product and continuous improvement with a department of research and development excellence, meeting the same severe quality standards that the company had set itself since its debut

– Reliability in the supply thanks to twenty years of experience in the fish industry

– The most important certifications that guarantee the wholesomeness of the product

– A high degree of flexibility in the characteristics of the product and the packaging

– Efficient management of storage and distribution platforms and / or outlets

– A structure of dynamic and highly qualified human resources

Warehousing and Distribution under contract
The cold chain that unites the whole of Europe.

Thanks to the high efficiency and optimization of integrated logistics, Gerfrio is partner for the storage and distribution of frozen products for customers who need an accurate and suitable for your needs. Gerfrio offers over 3,500 pallet places for storage service to third companies with a shrewd management and at the same time flexible.

The transport distribution of Gerfrio, run with its own assets and third’s, is guaranteed on pallet basis throughout the country and Europe, through a network of vehicles that enables a very short delivery time. Throughout the national territory it covers the delivery by cartons. All vehicules, for the transport at a controlled temperature (-18 °),  guarantee the above temperature also thanks to a temperature-loger that ensures compliance with the cold chain.

The Team
Respect for each customer

A reliable and dynamic team, composed of both resources with considerable experience in the field, and young talent in continuous training, with passion and enthusiasm that offers a punctual and efficient. A perfect team to face the present, always looking to the future.

Maria Gerli


Aniello Russo


Vincenzo Del Gaudio

Vendite Italia

Mary Cioffi


Salvatore Gerli

Vendite Estero

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